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Purple and gold balloon arch kit (132 balloons)

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Check out our incredible balloon arch kit! This complete kit allows you to create a spectacular and dazzling decoration for your special event, whether it's Eid or any other celebration.

Our balloon arch kit is carefully designed to give you an all-in-one solution. It includes a selection of latex balloons as well as all the accessories needed to assemble your balloon arch quickly and easily.

Sleek, sophisticated colors create a striking contrast, adding a touch of glamor to your decor. Whether to frame an entrance, decorate a scene or liven up a space, this balloon arch brings a festive and luxurious atmosphere.

Assembling the balloon arch kit is simple and does not require any special skills. You can customize the size and shape of the arch by adjusting the arrangement of the balloons according to your preferences. The kit also includes an adhesive strip to make it easier to attach the balloons and ensure a long-lasting hold.

Features :

  • 18 inch balloons: 3 light purple
  • 12 inch balloons: 5 dark purple, 5 light purple, 5 white, 10 gold confetti
  • 10 inch balloons: 10 dark purple, 10 light purple, 10 white, 10 pearl gold, 10 pearl purple, 10 metallic purple
  • 5 inch balloons: 20 light purple, 20 white
  • 1 plastic arch 5m, 100 glue points, 1 string, 1 balloon clip
  • Method of use: Insert your balloons once inflated and closed, into the large holes in the chain and secure them by pulling from the largest hole towards the smallest hole. Continue with all your balloons then attach your arch to the other wall, giving it the shape you want
  • CE standard

    Kit arche a ballons violet dore A

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